Conflicts in the city: reflections on urban unrest

From 2 to 4th April is going to take place the internacional conference “Conflicts in the city: reflections on urban unrest” in Valencia. This conference aims to bring together different views on conflicts around different countries. Conflicts caused by planning practices with a lack of democracy and needing more discussion and citizen participation. The authors […]

Jan Gehl’s new book: How to study public life

A book about public space written by Jan Gehl and Brigitte Svarre. Posted originally on Cities for People and The Dirt. For decades, renowned architect Jan Gehl has been at the center of creating vibrant, human- scale public spaces in global cities (…). In his newest venture, together with public-space expert Birgitte Svarre, Gehl explores the field of […]



International Garden Photographer of the Year 2014 (The Guardian)

Found in The Guardian A selection of some of the entries from various categories in this year’s competition Mark Wohlwender. theguardian.com, Thursday 13 February 2014 16.51 GMT   Overall winner: My garden prairie. Photograph: Rosanna Castrini The Beauty of plants: Hydrangeas in my garden. Photograph: Andrzej Bochensk Wildlife in the garden: swallow chicks. Photograph: Alan […]

The Ridiculous Sky Cycle

Tremendous article from Copenhagenize about bicycle culture. It criticises a project about cycle lanes in London called “Sky Cycle”.   “Ideas like these are city killers. Removing great numbers of citizens who could be cycling down city streets past shops and cafés on their way to work or school and placing them on a shelf, […]



David Harvey: Rebel cities

Recently I have been enjoying David Harvey’s “Rebel Cities. From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution”. It is about the relationship between capitalism, the processes of urbanization and social movements. At first glance, the issue seems to be clear as soon as we can imagine the relationship. However, Harvey manages to charm […]

The secrets of the world’s happiest cities – The Guardian

 The secrets of the world’s happiest cities What makes a city a great place to live – your commute, property prices or good conversation? An interesting article published in “The Guardian” as an extract from Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design, by Charles Montgomery. The author asks himself whether urban design is really […]

City illustration


El barri del Cabanyal entre els “sites” més amenaçats d’Europa

Així ho publica el The Guardian, una de les joies de la corona de València, actualment en un estat lamentable i sota el terror del projecte d’ampliació de l’avinguda Blasco Ibàñez i la tossuderia dels polítics valencians. “The inhabitants of El Cabanyal-Canyamelar, the old fishermen’s quarter near the port of Valencia, are campaigning to save […]

Floods landscape and Green Infrastructure in the Mediterranean area

A river is perceived as a degraded, dangerous and devalued element in the Mediterranean landscape. The historical flood management did not help to change people’s mind; quite to the contrary, it turned rivers in artificialized and controlled channels. At this point, the Green Infrastructure approach at a regional and local scale could integrate hydrographic network […]


Pond and light texture

Appeltern gardens – “De tuinen van Appeltern”

In central eastern Holland, close to the city of Nijmegen, lies “De tuinen van Appelter” Park, an exhibition of more than 200 gardens. This is an indispensable visit for any garden lover. The visitor could find a delicious sample of different kinds of gardens, modern or classic. The main section of the park shows a […]