Conflicts in the city: reflections on urban unrest

From 2 to 4th April is going to take place the internacional conference “Conflicts in the city: reflections on urban unrest” in Valencia.

This conference aims to bring together different views on conflicts around different countries. Conflicts caused by planning practices with a lack of democracy and needing more discussion and citizen participation.

The authors from Agportada-presentació-en-anglesuaits magazine num 2013, Ignaci Cervera, Juan Miguel Rafet, Josep Vicent Cabrera, and myself Maria Josep Ripoll, are invited to participate presenting our research about conflicts in La Marina Alta (Alicante), entitled: Four decades of territorial conflicts and citizen mobilization in La Marina Alta. The aim of the research was to determinate te relationships betwen territorial changes and social reaction and it’s evolution form the 70’s till today.

In this 40 years we identified more than 30 conflicts with a strong territorial component. We selected the most relevant cases and analysed them from an empirical approach. Once that was done, we decided to go one step further and evaluate the repercussions of the conflicts. Finally we developed a list of strategic actions to improve community participation and governance.

The research was published in valencian. Soon you will find a summary here in english.


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