El barri del Cabanyal entre els “sites” més amenaçats d’Europa

Així ho publica el The Guardian, una de les joies de la corona de València, actualment en un estat lamentable i sota el terror del projecte d’ampliació de l’avinguda Blasco Ibàñez i la tossuderia dels polítics valencians.

“The inhabitants of El Cabanyal-Canyamelar, the old fishermen’s quarter near the port of Valencia, are campaigning to save their homes – some of which have beautifully ornate and character-filled frontages – from destruction caused by a proposed new road project.”

“Art nouveau may be the dominant flavour, but you’ll find anything from baroque to eclecticism, and even a few examples of something approaching art deco. Residents will tell you that their grandparents weren’t overly concerned with the purity of the design when they were building these houses – that they simply used whatever materials appealed to them. A Mediterranean sensibility to light and colour and a certain degree of keeping up with the Joneses means the area is unique, leading more than one visitor to describe it as “an open-air museum”.”


Façanes del Cabanyal. Font: The Guardian

Font: http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2013/apr/18/europe-most-threatened-sites-landmarks

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