International Garden Photographer of the Year 2014 (The Guardian)

Found in The Guardian
A selection of some of the entries from various categories in this year’s competition
Mark Wohlwender.,
Overall winner: My garden prairie. Photograph: Rosanna Castrini
The Beauty of Plants: Andrzej Bochenski/Hydrangeas in my Garden
The Beauty of plants: Hydrangeas in my garden. Photograph: Andrzej Bochensk
Wildlife in the Garden - Swallow Chicks
Wildlife in the garden: swallow chicks. Photograph: Alan Price
Wildflower Landscapes - Dreamland 1.
Wildflower landscapes: Dreamland 1. Photograph: Stefano Genuardi
Greening the City - Space Invaders.
Greening the city: Space invaders. Photograph: Tom Gilks
The Bountiful Earth - Cranberry World.
The bountiful Earth: Cranberry world. Photograph: Jacky Hobbs
Beautiful Gardens - Schwetzingen.
Beautiful gardens: Schwetzingen. Photograph: Albert Ceolan
Breathing Spaces - Morning in Bushy Park.
Breathing spaces: Morning in Bushy Park. Photograph: Kassia Nowak
Trees, Woods & Forests - Illuminated Elder.
Trees, Woods & Forests: Illuminated elder. Photograph: Paul Marcellini
Winner of the Young Garden Photographer of the Year - Motion Blur.
Winner of the young garden photographer of the year: Motion blur. Photograph: Barney Gibbons
Young Garden Photographer of the Year entry -  Golden Leaves.
Young garden photographer of the year entry: Golden leaves. Photograph: Jasmine Clegg
3rd Place Portfolio entry - Man and Nature.
Third place portfolio entry: Man and nature. Photograph: Pierre Pellegrini

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