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 The secrets of the world’s happiest cities

What makes a city a great place to live – your commute, property prices or good conversation?

An interesting article published in “The Guardian” as an extract from Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design, by Charles Montgomery.
The author asks himself whether urban design is really powerful enough to make or break happiness. You will find the answers in this article. It shows with some facts and scientific reports that we could feel happier living and experiencing a walkable and car-free city. Commuters on foot and on bicycles enjoy they daily travel to work much more than drivers. Cities should abandon old mobility around the car and promote a new mobility based on freedom: walk and cycling!
Just some remarkable statements:
“the way we experience most parts of cities is at velocity: we glide past on the way to somewhere else. City life is as much about moving through landscapes as it is about being in them.”
“People who live in monofunctional, car‑dependent neighbourhoods outside urban centres are much less trusting of other people than people who live in walkable neighbourhoods where housing is mixed with shops, services and places to work.”
“By spending resources and designing cities in a way that values everyone’s experience, we can make cities that help us all get stronger, more resilient, more connected, more active and more free.”


Source: the guardian

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